New inverter, want to add production to system 'old' inverter

My 11-yo SMA SB3600TL-21 inverter died and I replaced it with a Goodwe GW3600D-NS. I still need to find out how to automatically upload my data to PVOutput (I used my Raspberry Pi on my SMA), but that’s not the reason for this post.

I want to upload the production of the new Goodwe inverter to PVOutput and add it to the total production of my system. Do I have to take any precautions to avoid that uploading data from my Goodwe deletes the production of the SMA?.Or does PVOutput simply adds the daily production of any inverter to the total production?

Just upload. It only does each day unless you are backdating your uploads

I was in a similar situation, although I didn’t have much data from old system uploaded.

So I generated CSV file with daily data from old inverter up to the date it was replaced, then I uploaded using the CSV upload capabilty.

It means I can compare to the last few summers etc and have my total generation for the life of my site.

If you use the same System Id (sid) then it will simply add to the total of existing system id.

Data is only updated if the same timestamp is used, which wouldn’t be the case when replacing the inverter.