Need help with "Power Factor" settings Growatt SPH4000 Hybride Inverter

Hello you all,

I accidentally changed the settings of a Growatt SPH4000 Hybrid Inverter.

Now he imports much more than usual from the power grid, which he did not do before.

I think this has to do with the “Power Factor” settings.

The inverter has 3 modes, Grid First, Battery First and Load First.
If I remember correctly it was in Load First mode which is default.

I would like the inverter to use the battery again as before.

Can anyone help me who knows how to solve this?

I’m going to show two graphs of how it was (above graph) and how it is now (below graph) and maybe someone will see the problem

Hello, it looks like you don’t have any PV Panels installed. Even the November chart doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you should check the wiring and the model of the Power sensor.