My grid meter doesnt do Net metering

My provider’s meter doesn’t do true net metering.
Unfortunately, It monitors each phase individually.

So even though I have for example 6kW output, if i consume it all on phase 1, I am only using 2kW from solar, the remaining 4kW are sent through the grid, at a very low return rate (~ 1:3).

Is it possible to measure this in pvoutput ?

Both values of pvoutput and fronius web shows the average of the 3 phases, which is not true on the invoices I receive from my energy supplier.

Considering my ongrid fronius symo splits the avaiable solar power equally along the 3 phases, is there any way to automatically balance the 3 phases without a battery ?

Thank you

Would be difficult without a device that captures the exact consumption data as the retailer and sends it to PVOutput.