My energomonitor output has stopped this past hour (made a few pvoutput changes)



Made some ‘enhancements’ on pvoutput.

I re-added the donation.
I changed the temp from weather underground to OpenWeatherMap.
I changed the array tilt angle.
I changed the rule, but changed it back again.

Strangely, no output since doing the above changes.

Any idea where I can look ?


well yes give it a day to see if it comes good as i did something like this the other day and it was all good the next day, jim


I have not got the pvoutput email alert that nothing has been sent in the last 30 minutes that I normally get when there is an internet failure either. Seems very strange. The website is however being updated so I am sending data to them.


The energo device config has changed and the API is no longer reporting the default stream ids for Solar and Consumption

  • S1 Solar Generation
  • P3 Metered Power

Log on to the energo to check the stream names available to use.

The following streams have been listed for your device as potential streams.

  • Total Power Used (0)
  • Solar Generation (1)

These can be entered into the PVOutput config to use them explicitly instead of the default ones.




I put those in to those fields.
Should the direction be solar, or both ?


Both = Consumption and solar
Solar = Solar Only


It was set to solar strangely.
I changed to both.
The last update has worked - showing the generation.
Maybe now it is set to both it will catch up the consumption (power used) too.


Prob my last question now I have this working fine (i did put them in backwards initially but that was just fixed).

I have a Rule modification for the zombie power overnight from my solar array that was set to
if(out && power < 50) power = 0;

Now I have added these Stream Out and Stream in and this no longer works.
Should I be changing the ‘power’ to something else ?


Hi Vaise,

Looking at the Input Data section of the on-line Help it says:

  • power - the raw power value in watts
  • hour - hour of the day (0-23)
  • minute - minute of the hour (0-59)
  • out - true if the direction is solar
  • in - true if the direction is consumption

If I understand it correctly then ( and I might not ) if out == TRUE then the value for power should be ‘correct’. i.e. the inverter is inverting.

If the phantom value for power is occurring when the inverter is NOT producing wouldn’t ‘out’ be FALSE? If out == FALSE the rule won’t fire.


The rule is correct and looks to be working since yesterday.

All generation power under 50 is saved as 0.

A time restriction should also be added, otherwise legitimate low power readings will also be ignored.


  • if(out && power < 50 && hour >= 18 && hour < 4) power = 0;

Only reset to 0W between 6PM and 4AM