Multiple Fronius inverters

Hello, I have a 108kW system split in 4 * 27.5kW Fronius Eco inverters.
The inverters are not connected to each other, each one is using its Wifi Datamanager interface (each with its own Datasource ID).
I want a public display of the data, and intended to use Solarfox as an interface. However, at the moment the communication between Fronius Solar.web and Solarfox is not working (there seems to be a problem with Fronius API, as Solarfox explained).
So I would like to try sending the data thru PVOutput, using push service.

My question is: Is it possible to sum up in PVOutput the data of all 4 inverters in one System so Solarfox can read as one entity (without phisically connecting the inverters)

I need the total readings of all 4 inverters, not each one separately. I merged them in a system inside Solar.web, but Solarfox is not talking to Fronius Solar.web API. :cry:


easy to do here,please see data aggregation ,in the help section on how to do this Jim

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You could also query each inverter automatically, locally, sum the results and upload the totals to PVO.

Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot.