Multiple Efergy Inputs

Hello, I’m using Efergy for consumption monitoring. My Efergy has three separate input devices - house, barn, and pump house.

At present I am able to combine 2 of these inputs together using a child system that inputs into my parent system (which monitors solar production).

Can anyone guide on how I can combine all 3 Efergy inputs please?


Additional PVOutput detail for my system:
Parent system is receiving:
1/ automatic Soalr uploads from Zevercloud
2/ no secondary device specfied
3/ weather main temperature enabled from Wunderground
4/ and solar radiation input on extended data V7 from Wunderground
Child system is receiving
1/ Child system is receiving Power and Secondary Power data from Efergy. These are aggregated (added) and reported as one on the parent system.

Could I move Solar Radiation on Parent extended data v7 to parent extended data v12 and then have my 3 inputs from Efergy on the child extended data v7-v9? (Help is suggesting that these will be aggregated, but will this overwrite parent extended data v12 or visa versa?)

Primary Device (Direction = Consumption) -


Secondary Device (Direction = Consumption) -


When both devices are in the same direction they will be added.

Currently Efergy Auto Upload doesn’t support key aggregation, but may be considered in the future i.e.