Most tweakers friendly Inverter?


Hi, what is the most tweakers friendly string inverter (brand) in terms of:

  • Built in integration with PVOutput.
  • An API to directly download info from the inverter.

Also I believe that inverters are a commodity nowadays. Simply buy the cheapest. According to tests efficiency even vary between models of the same brand.

Which inverter feature is really worth paying a premium for?


I have a fronius and find it quite good on the data capturing side. setup 5 min push to pvoutput with no issues and can connect their smart meter or an S0 Pulse meter to do consumption aswell. (it is noisy though)

my old house had an aurora Inverter. that was a lot harder to get the information out of but I did manage it. (that was 5+ years ago though)

My parents have a ZeverSolar. its a little bit messy but has wifi, and can get the data from it.
you can get it setup straight to pvoutput but it only does 20min intervals. i have setup a pi and script to do 5 min intervals.

All in all id say the fronius was the easiest and I can get the most data from. their solar web is quite good and theres also modbus that can give you even more information but thats way over my head.


Reliability & Efficiency!

I too have a Fronius inverter. The inverter has a well documented API and behaves nicely with PVO.