More than one standard parameter on extended graph

I want to compare both Power Generated and Power Used with another value (extended value for Grid Power).
Can it be implemented to display more than one standard parameter on the Extended graph ?
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Its a possible future enhancement.

You may be able to achieve what you want by ‘burning’ two of your extended variables.

v7 = v2 and v8 = v4

Perfect!! That hint solved my issue of wanting temp in extended data. I did find that the C to F formula had to be applied to effect correct numbers.

+1 vote for this idea.

I would like to compare my extended data. For example day X v day Y.

Being able to overlay standard parameters would also be useful. For example compare v7 against v1.

It is now possible to add a second standard parameter to the extended data graph

Extended Config


Extended Graph

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It is now possible to add up to 4 standard parameter overlays on the Extended Data graph.

Click on + to expand.


It might get a little busy with all 10 parameters… :astonished:

Also, new AREA option is now available for the overlays, click on LINE to toggle.