Moon power not working on addstatus.jsp

According to the API spec, if you upload solar data for a night time, the service should return

Bad request 400: Moon Powered

It would be helpful if it did this rather than accept and silently ignore uploads.

In my case, the PVStats client was uploading the date/time as the inverter returned it, which was in UTC.

PVOutput accepted this data until it started doing nothing at 00:15 UTC.

It started showing data again 05:05 UTC. Presumablly because it thought 5am was a reasonable time to start generating power, but of course by then it was dark here.

All the while from 00:15 → 05:05 UTC it kept responding with OK 200: Added Status when clearly all was not OK.

The 400 Moon response would have made troubleshooting much easier. Instead i assumed the service was having some sort of outage or backlog processing updates.

It is still possible to post some data under 0.10kWh/kW without triggering the ‘Moon Power’ error.

The data from 0:00 to 0:15 is under this threshold.