Monthly Summary Extensions

I find the monthly summary page (Summary) very effective for comparing system performance over time.

Is there anyway to get the same view but for Energy Usage (Consumption), Import, Export, Saved, Net?

It may just be representing the Monthly Detailed data into the Monthly Summary view.

When on the summary page, click on Customise and you will be able to switch to Consumption. This should at least answer part of your question.

The topic is a little old but…

The summary page has been enhanced with the following views -

  • Net (export-import)
  • Balance (credit-debit) and
  • Efficiency (kWh/kW)




I was just checking all of the separate summaries on my system and found some errors when comparing to the monthly detailed page.

Generation, Consumption, Balance, Efficency, and Import all match between the monthly detail view and the summary.

For mine at least Export and Net do not match for Feb-Jun, July-Current all match up fine. Now I will point out that Feb-Jun I was manually entering the Energy Exported and Energy Used as I did not have consumption monitoring installed yet on my system. My first full day of consumption data from Enphase was Jun 28th. So, I’m assuming this has something to do with it and I’m not sure if there is some way for me to correct it.

These new summaries do rely on the import/export data being correct unfortunately. A few incorrect days can throw it off a bit.