Monitor Solar and each phase on 3 phase power


I live on a rural property in Northern Territory Australia. I have 3 Phase power and an auto start 15kva back-up generator. I also have 3 Phase solar using a Fronius Inverter.
I needed a way to monitor amps on each phase when the generator was running to load balance each phase remotely. I am currenlty using Energyhive which expresses in kw (I just use a formula to calculate amps) and I have a sensor on each phase.
I also have tarrif for peak and off peak

On PV Output I setup my system called The Martins (which is the parent system)
This monitors my solar.
I got help setting up 3 other systems (child systems) called Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Now I use Fronius push service @ 5min intervals to upload to The Martins
I use EnergyHive to upload to the Phase systems (not sure how it’s doing this)
Now on the 13thDec onwards my Solar generated wasn’t showing on PV output graph. I have been manually uploading. Now I think this started when the 3 phase systems where added.
I have been messing around with the config in PV output today and I got Solar to show on the graph once again but I don’t know how.
I need assistance to ensure my system is setup correctly so its showing the correct values of power and cost.
I would like to add another tariff and compare it to my current one.
Just let me know what screen shots you require.


Found the issue on PV Output but don’t know how to fix.

When I first setup PV output it was just for solar and it was being displayed live. We then added Phase 1 – 3 (child systems) and solar stopped being displayed which was on the evening of the 12th Dec. We would have not known solar wasn’t working until the 13th when the solar started to generate power.

Today I made all three phase systems inactive and solar displayed again but not power consumption.

I re-activated them just before and they still were not being displayed then I realised the live upload wasn’t setup to receive data from Energyhive. I fixed these settings but now solar once again won’t display.


im not sure but doesnt the parent system have an option to inherit solar from child.
so in the child system you set up the parent system
look under Data Aggregation and make sure its setup correctly as it may be wiping it

  1. The parent system The Martins should have a real system size not 50W, since any solar data sent is checked against the system size.

  2. Child systems by default will aggregate both solar and consumption to the parent. If you only want to aggregate Consumption data from child systems and keep solar on the parent, then the Aggregation Mode setting must be set to Consumption




The Martins system was 8kw and the parent.
Phase 1 to 3 Aggregation mode was set to both. I change it to Consumption which restored the solar readings but 1 or 2 of my child systems stopped recording.
Its a weird issue.
If someone can advise what my parent system settings need to be to accept push service data from fronius inverter,
what my child systems Phase1 to 3 for consumption which will be aggregated into the parent system.
My sensor supplier added another system called solarmartins to show my solar. Themartins system shows the aggregation of my child systems. because we could get the consumption and solar to show on the parent system.


Please change the system size of the parent from 50W to 8,000W

The Fronius inverter push should be sent directly to the parent.

The Aggregation Mode should also be changed to Consumption as shown in the screenshot above.


One of these on each phase should give you an amps reading to help with levelling.

Max 16Amps each
Read straight off your phone or tablet.



I need minimum 20 amps per phase


So its all good now. I think we had data agg on both instead of consumption. Just need to get 3 more sensors in January. Cheers.