Missing Live Data


For 2 days now, my Live data from my Powerwall 2 is missing a lot of data. The Extended data today has only 3 data points at the moment

The Show All Live data graph has a lot more data but only started at 7:05am. I assume it’s getting it’s data from a different source to my always on PC for the Powerwall, maybe my Solar Edge inverter.

Is the problem my end or somewhere else?


PS - As far as I can see, the Solar Edge inv enter is supplying the Power generated/Energy Generated All Live data. There was no sun or generation before 7.00am so no data to record. Therefore the generation data part is working OK. The Always On PC is supplying the Power Used/Energy Used on the ‘All Live data’ graph plus the additional extended data graph parameters and there are only 3 data points for this data today. I just tried changing the ‘Adjust Time’ figure for ‘Solar’, the only available option. previously had it set at 3 minutes since I had read that reading 2 data sources at the same can cause problems. However, I’ve changed the offset back to ‘None’ and there is no change.

I can make direct raw data downloads from the Powerwall Gateway at any time, no problem.

While was typing this, the Extended data downloads suddenly burst into life! Rather like yesterday. Almost no data in the morning, but working OK from around midday to 13:00. Wierd.

Is my always on PC not making data available at the appropriate time or is PVOutput not requesting the data? Other people’s sites are working normally.


Both standard and extended data look in-sync as of 2020-03-09 10:55AM.

You may force the extended data to refresh by clicking on ‘Refresh Off’ then ‘Refresh On’ again, if nothing changes then there has been no updates.


Thanks BB. It seems to be behaving itself today. But if it happens again I’ll try refreshing.