Missing extended data

Have subscription to PVOutput, with solar panels, Tesla Powerwall and PVOutput (two versions running as per MikesGear excellent advice) running on my laptop, all appears well with data appearing on PVOutput, but there is missing extended data.

If I click on the purple box to show extended data it will show the data correctly for the live view (so I know the data is coming through) but no extended data for any other view (daily, weekly, monthly , yearly). Any idea why?!

It was all working fine earlier in the year but I let my PVOutput sub lapse and then had to change my network around so IPs needed changing (I updated the powerall.ini files).

A Summary type would need to be selected for each parameter before daily and aggregate extended data becomes available.

Ah, thank you so much. Of course it makes sense now. Most extended settings are power not energy so effectively instant readings. Views apart from live don’t make sense with power values unless defined at max, min, average etc.