Missing days from PV ladder?

The PV output ladder lists my activity as 3822 days but I calculate the total number of days for which I have submitted data to be 4160 which is 338 (about 8%) less. I don’t see how there could be almost an entire year’s worth of data missing. Any explanation? I doubt it could be due to random missing days as I usually upload a month or 2 worth of data at the same time. Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi kozowh,

The trick is to “recalculate”.

It works like this:
Go to Your Outputs
Click on the system size next to your system name
Now a new screen is showing with Edit System
Scroll down to the section Advanced Settings
The 6th entry is called Ladder Data and a button called Recalculate is next to it
Click this button.
The next time (every 24 hours) the ladder data is calculated your values (days in your case) should be correct.