Missing data from 20mins to 60mins

Hi, First time poster.
My data is not collecting from 20 mins past the hour until the next hour all the time.
This has been working in the past and I have rebooted the inverter but same results.
Thanks, Macka.

Hi @macka1955. If you log into the Fronius solarweb.com are the data complete?

Is the inverter’s date & time correct

If you login in to your actual inverter with a browser can you see if the PUSH SERVICES are successful? Especially when > 20 minutes past the hour? Hopefully looking something like the following.

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Thanks for the reply.
It was not time but rate limit.
I had set all this up when I was a donor and that had expired so I was using up my post limit.
I’ve dropped the push from 1 min to 5 min and all is working again now.