Missing data at fixed interval



One of my systems has every hour, missing 25mins of data. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the answer the uploader receives when it fails the upload (through the API).
Can you tell me why this is happening ? Maybe there is a clue in the server logs.


Thank you,


There has been no recent activity for the system so a little hard to tell. Typically it is a data error (energy/power too high etc) and request is rejected.


I also presumed that is a wrong value sent but to happen exactly every 35mins and for exact 25min each hour is close to impossible. I also reviewed the software and found no problems.

Is there a limit to the data I can upload in one hour, for a system without donation ? The uploader is configured to send data every 2 mins.

I will go next Monday to the location and check the reply received from PVO server, hopefully that will give me a clue.


60 requests per hour.

Try reducing upload to every 5 minutes as API read requests also count toward the limit.