Missing data after recalculation?

I just adjusted the energy tarif (tarif plan disabled / not used) and started to recalculate the data from the first day my PV system is operational (that was 18. March 2020).

Suddenly, I worked me upwards until I noticed that for 3 days, there are now wrong data.
The yellow marked field “Exported” are set to the same value as “Generated”.
But I don’t think, a recalculation shoud affect the “Exported” data fields, right?

Fortunately, I took a screenshot before and after recalculation:

Before recalculation:

After recalculation:

What’s going on? If have no idea?
Of couse I immediately stopped any further recalculatoins. But - if I did nothing wrong - that seams to be an issue…


From Help on pvoutput
** Tariff Plans

The tariff plan feature allows the multiple tariff settings to be saved. Each plan can define a date range in which it is active, e.g. a Summer and Winter plan with different TOU times and tariff rates.

Plan Management

Plans are defined and saved on the tariff page. To manage tariff plans -

  1. Open the Edit Tariff page. This will load the current tariff settings.
  2. Update the tariff and TOU information
  3. Under the Manage Plan section
  • Enter the plan Name
  • Select Enabled
  • Choose a From and To date which the plan is active.
  • Click Save next to the plan name.
  • The plan now appears in the Saved Plans list.
  • Repeat for additional plans.
  1. Click Save at the bottom of the Edit Tariff page.
  2. On the System Edit page, select Enabled for the Use Tariff Plans option.

The saved active plans now will be used for tariff calculations. The service will decide which plan should be used based on its date.

Note that no tariffs will be calculated when the Use Tariff Plan option is not enabled and there are no active plans set.**

Thanks @Pedro14, but your answer is absolutely not what I asked about…

Are you entering daily consumption data manually?

There isn’t any consumption data 7th April 2020 so a recalculation with only generation data will result in generation = export.


The consumpiton data are here?

I have entered the data for about the very first three weeks manually, retrospectively because I only started with PVOutput in mid-April. But I entered all data manually - including consumption data.

The problem is that as soon as I do a recalculation, PVOutput overwrites April 7th to 9th the “Exported” data values with the values from the “Generated” fields. This error is reproducible - it happens every time. Maybe, there “is” something with the data of this 3 days that shouldn’t be, an invisible format error or an invisible character somewhere?

I have now manually corrected the wrong values from 7. to 9. April again. As long as I do no recalculation from 7. to 9. of April everything stays ok. But I think this is obviousely a bug.

I could demonstrate it to you live, e.g. with TeamViewer …


The recalculation looks at the live data and will overwrite any manual entries, since there is no live consumption then recalculation will update exported to equal generation.

This is the expected behaviour for ‘recalculate’.

The functionality which you want is to update the credit/debit from end of day manually entered data. This will happen when you ‘Edit’ the daily entry and Save it.

However, the ability to select multiple dates and perform mass updates isn’t available.

Changed to an ‘Idea’ - Recalculate debit/credit from end-of-day data only.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing
But, ok, let my try:

This is April 7. before recalculation:

This is April 7. after I recalculated:

Why has the field “Exported” changed? Maybe I’m doing something wrong during recalc?

I think this may be similar to an issue I had.

Ensure that the Export Model & Import Model fields are set to Net.

Thanks, they are already set to “Net”.

I know, my English may be poor. But I repeatedly speak about 3 days. Again: 3 days.
All other days do not show any issue at all.

I am slowly desperate. When something is a default behaviour, or works as expected, or something is incorrectly set - how can it affect only 3 days? I do not get it?

I no longer know how else I could explain it. :roll_eyes:


The reason why it is not working as expected on those 3 days is because there is no live consumption data.

e.g. On 2020-04-07


It is working on 2020-04-10 since there is consumption data and export/import can be calculated correctly.


Other days there is no live data at all e.g. 2020-04-06, in this case calculation will be based on your manually entered end of day data.