Missing Consumption Data

Hi Everyone, over the last couple of weeks after many successful years of uploads my consumption data has stopped appearing. I have not changed anything nor am I aware of any changes to setup. I am using PV Bean Counter with SMA Inverter and Current Cost Meter and can see the consumption data locally on meter and running debug in C2 Terminal application. I have enabled PVBC Message Content and Event logging and can see consumption data in PVService log at correct time intervals as well as odd hour intervals using PVBC history resume/suspend.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks - Dave.


Hi @Apollonia. I’m not familiar with the software but can I ask the following questions.

Have there been any updates to the operating system? Does the Windows Event Log have any useful information about the service?

Have you made any changes to any firewall that may have blocked the updates from the computer?

Are you running low on disk space?


Thanks for the reply and suggestions @grannos.

The system is an old machine that runs nothing but the PVBC software locked down with an old OS so no software or OS updates at this point in time, plenty of diskspace, nothing odd in event log but may increase the debug level. I did run a packet capture and can see the machine is sending http post requests (minus consumption data), “addbatchstatus” to the required PV Output host and is receiving a response/ack back.

I had never captured upload packets before so I cant really compare to what they may have looked like previously. Will keep digging, suspect it is something in PVBC that has gone astray or become corrupted so might delete settings.xml and rebuild.


I see that your system resumed feeding consumption data at 14:55WST today.

The loss of consumption data appears to coincide with ‘Temperature’ data. Are you pushing your own Temperature data or is PVO extracting it from BoM or a similar service?

If you are pushing your own Temp data has something happened to the source of that data?

Yes, everything back up and running again - Thanks. The Temp Data also comes from the Meter, hence it was missing along with the consumption. I managed to find some anomalies in the log that helped point me in the right direction as the data was present. For some reason the Meter had switched to using Address “1” however the PVBC software by default will only accept data on Address “0”. As a result even though the Data was there the software would not ingest the value and upload to PVO.