Missing 5 days of data (forgot to update my donation)



Hoping there might be an easy solution to this. I forgot to re-donate for five days and now I have this blank in my PVOutput data which is triggering me :smiley:

Any easy way to get the data from my Fronius Primo to PVOutput without having to log every 5 mins manually?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately you would need to manually export the data from Fronius and import to PVOutput since push services only send current data.


Thanks for your reply, does that mean writing down every 5 mins and then logging that or is there a simpler way?
Appreciate your help!


I think you can do a batch download via an excel file of several days ( I think I did this for each month). If I recall correctly, when I registered with pvoutput, I exported previous monthsโ€™ days from my monitoring application as excel files, perform the necessary corrections and removed any non-necessary columns/data and formatted the info that was compatible for a PVVoutput batch upload for that range of dates and tested it. While it placed the correct info in the correct areas, I chose not to try to import temp datas. This may have changed from 2013 when I did this.