Misrepresented systems


Hi there
I’m kinda new to the solar addiction. Loving it though.
When I was scoping out various systems on here during my research phase, I noticed some systems were a lot more “efficient” than others.
Now I’ve looked a little more closely, it looks like some systems are registered as, say, a 3kw system but then they peak out at something like 4kw.

There are no prizes for who has the best system but it kinda sucks when trying to gauge your own system against others of similar specs.

Is there anything we can do to resolve this? Am I wasting my energy? Can I block these systems from my views?


I use that figure to show “Time Producing”.
Comparing “efficiency” of a 6.84kw system with a 5kw inverter , against a 5kw sytem with a 5kw inverter skews the picture


At least you have some in your area to compare with! Not many around my area.

I think this is one of those things you just need to compare with yourself over time given the mismatch between inverter capacity and panel capacity and orientations and tilts and …

Besides, it’s not really an efficiency measure since it’s expressing a ratio of energy to power, which means the units are hours.

Efficiency is really a ratio of energy out to energy in.


It is possible to block systems -


The reporting and data collection is great, saving me a lot of effort. The thing I noticed was that I was whizzing up the ladder and couldn’t work out why, I thought possibly misreporting. Then I realised that quite a lot of systems have not been seen for months, in some cases tens of months. I tried various things to suppress these in the reports but cant find out how to do it. I read the blocklists help but must be missing something. I appreciate these systems are not really misrepresented but they appear to have given up reporting, so any suggestions how to suppress them in the reports?

It is addictive … and cheaper than going out for a beer.


Rob yes there is away,go to PV ladder page ,at the top right of page is TIPS under it is a funnel, click on it and it giver you filters, use the completeness tab at 90% or more and it cuts out all the inactive systems for you, and yep your are right its addictive—jim


Jim, Thanks, that simple, I thought I might have missed something!