Merging data of two systems in the same account


In my account I have two systems, I want to merge their data. How can I do it?
If I can export all the data from one system, and then import it into another one, that would work as well.

thank you

There are “Download” options on the daily and live page which you can export the data from the old system and use the CSV loader or Live Loader to import to the new system.

Unfortunately the live data can only be downloaded one day at a time.

Try setting up a parent system that uses the 2 current systems as child. That should combine the data

Setting up a parent system worked for me. But only from the day I added the children to it.

What PVO needs is a feature to allow the children’s historical data to be added to the parent too, perhaps after they have been verified as working after 24h or so, should this place a burden on system resources.