Manually updated data not reflected in iOS app

I’m having an issue where data I’ve added manually in the browser portal is not reflected in the iOS app. See the screenshot below with the PVOutput outputs in question circled in red and the other screenshot showing the same period in the app.

Some background. I’ve been having some issues with my Sunny Webbox not connecting to my SMA inverter intermittently and therefore not transmitting the data to PVOutput. However, I used to be able to update the data from my SolarAnalytics and that always worked. It’s just these 4 days I just don’t seem to be able to see in the app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Go to the Yearly view (the last page, when you cannot swipe further to the right) in the iOS app. Then press the circle/arrow icon on the left side of 2022 to reload the data of that year.
Your data in the iOS app should be up-to-date by now.

Thanks, that did the trick at least for the yearly stats which is what I was most concerned about. It didn’t update the daily stats though. Would be good to have the refresh at the monthly and daily level. Thanks for your help.