Manually adding consumption does not update Exported

Hello -

My setup is rather simple in that I have PVO pulling directly from SolarEdge, but I don’t have a Modbus or CTs. Therefore, I pull my net energy from PGE manually. I copied over my actual consumption (peak, off peak, etc) and PVO doesn’t seem to re-calculate exported. Therefore on the Monthly table the aggregate export is wrong and on the monthly details table the daily export is wrong. This probably also impact a few other areas like plan comparisons too.

Below are some screenshots. The exported should be 0 or negative, since I used more than I produced.

Is there a more correct way to do this?

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How is the consumption data manually entered via CSV loader or Edit Output page?

For the uploader, I tried a few different ways but only used the daily aggregate (e.g. no peak/offpeak)

  1. [date], [netPGE]
  2. [date],[total consumption]

For context, I calculate total consumption by as production + netPGE, so:

  • If I generate 15kW and use 30kW (net PG&E) my consumption would be 45kW.
  • If I generate 15kW and use -5kW (net PG&E) then my total consumption is 10kW.

That said, in the screenshots I added previously, I had manually entered all of the inputs for energy usage to see if it would update since it wasn’t working in the uploader.