Making good use of data from your Solar version of Neurio Sensors


For those of you in the US with Single Split-Phase electric and you have a system of CT’s installed on your electrical circuits of your home you can separate your consumption into the usage on each of your phases. You need four CT’s installed one each on your L1 and L2 lines at your main breaker and two on the two lines from your solar inverter. All you need to do with the Neurio settings is to add the following setting in the fourth channel labeled “submeter”. CT’s 1 and 4 are set to -1 and CT’s 2 and 3 are set to +1. The result will be the Difference in power between your two phases. Your Consumption channer records the Sum of power for the two phases. This is just like the encoding that is done for FM Stereo signals. A+B (Consumption) and A-B (the newly setup submeter channel) can be used to separate the power for each phase. This makes tracking your devices much easier. You can download each day’s records and the Neurio will add two columns to accommodate the new channel.
Decoding is simple: Consumption + Submeter = 2 x B
Consumption - Submeter = 2 x A
This can be done easily using a spreadsheet. Here are my results for one day:

The Blue line is Phase B and the small cycles on the blue curve is a freezer in my garage. The longer cycles in the orange plot is my kitchen refrigerator. The spikes are small appliances like a toaster, microwave oven or toaster oven on a single phase. The Microwave is on the Blue plot and the single cup coffee maker is the medium spike on the Orange curve. The large spikes which occur on both phases are the kitchen oven or stovetop. The sawtooth pattern on the orange curve between 8 and 11 PM is from an electric blanket.

The vertical axis unit is (kWh / five minute interval).

If you have another monitoring system with CT’s similarly arranged, access to data download and access to a programmable channel you can also use this technique to separate your Consumption by phases.