Make Live view automatically roll over to next day

Hi, at the moment when you have the Live graph showing with refresh, it updates for the current day fine. But once the current time hits midnight, the graph stays on the previous day. This isn’t ideal for those who use the live graph as a continuous consumption/generation display.

Please update the Live graph display so it either:
a) automatically updates the graph to the next day once the current time hits midnight


b) have the option (or default) for the graph to be a 24hr rolling window

In both cases, the Live graph should maintain all settings including selected pens/lines, scale etc

Thanks, Brad.

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We will look at forcing a full refresh after midnight.

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This feature has been implemented, with the following conditions -

  • Current day has had at least 1 hour of auto refreshes
  • Current day has at least 2 hours worth of data
  • Refresh on to the next day will occur at around 12:15AM
  • If no new data has been sent for the next day when the next day roll over occurs (after 15-minutes), the same day will be reloaded and all refreshes will stop.

Hi, this new feature has been working great. However, it would be great if the graph settings from the previous day were also maintained? 99% of the time I just want to see the instantaneous power generation and instantaneous power consumption graphs and hide all other data (including total shading for each of these). So I have to set this up each morning as it gets cleared as part of the midnight refresh.


This would require graph settings to be saved, currently this feature isn’t supported, but you can start another ‘Idea’.