Main page missing for all days


Has anyone else noticed that the main page of your system is not showing any plots for today or any day in past? Data is there but no graphs are showing. Display defaults to production page. The other pages are still displaying graphs. Behovior was first noticed about 4PM PDT today.


I just posted about this on the Website forum. No Live composite graph shows for the first page. All the other pages populate correctly.


This evening I am seeing the first page graphs after logging in and refreshing. It seems a little squirrely I believe because BB may be editing it. He mentioned in a post about the “upgrade” of the site that the live page would not be regenerated when updating the page. Not sure if this is the reason for the odd behavior.
After paging through a few days the first page graph disappeared again and haven’t come back. I guess some upgrades don’t really work out very well. Programming them is difficult and it’s easy to get the coding exactly correct. All in all BB does a great job and we owe him due respect.