Lost access to data after upgrading system. (decomissioned old and added new)

Hello, I upgraded my system. So as it says in the instructions I decommissioned my old system and added a new system. Assumed it would take over all my existingg settings / tarifss etc, but that seems lost. So started entering the essentials again. API key for upload is unchanged, can still see the script succesfully uploading values to pvoutput, however no data is visible when I check under ‘your outputs’. Also unable to see the data for my old system with about 5 years of historical data. What am I doing wrong ?

Update: I found my new active system has been given a new system ID. So will update my script to point to that new ID, then I should start to see output data… Still unable to see my old data though, how to make that visible. ?

Kind of a monologue here :slight_smile: Failing to see the point and moved back to my original system. Reactivated it and upgraded values. Perfectly fine for me.

The tariff information is system based and would need to be manually configured for the new system.

For API access - update the “sid” (system id) with the new system id and data would update for the new system instead of the old.