Loss of extended data

2days ago my computer suffered a power failure, after this my extended data is blank until i press reload, then it only show’s data for 1 second and then disappears, win 10system, Fronius inverter using a RPI for extended data to PV output. thank you Jim Jims maxim jinkos 6625 5.050kW
update, have now found that the PI address of the inverter changed when the power was interrupted, so i now have direct via hardwire to the inverter just no extended date through the raspberry PI,

Hi Jim. Did the IP address of your Fronius inverter recently change? If you have swapped from wireless access to the Fronius to wired it most certainly will have - both interfaces could be ‘up’ at the same time.

If the script is running on a Raspberry Pi to access the Fronius inverter and upload data to PVO then there are two places to look. Either the script itself contains the IP address of the inverter otherwise the file /etc/hosts. Alternatively if you are using some sort of local name resolution process ( local router? ).


From the Pi can you ‘ping’ the inverter via IP address? via hostname?

I can’t see why a a computer PSU failure though would affect the Raspberry Pi or the inverter.

Its reporting values of 0 for v7 and v8 - the rest is blank/empty i.e. not reporting.

Check what values the RPI is extracting and sending.