Looking for clarification

Looking to see if I am doing this wrong.

I have posted in the auto uploader section, with no reply but it could be that I am not understanding the upload.

My Generation is the same as my Export and my Consumption is the same as my Import.

Is this how is supposed to be displayed? I setup my auto uploader for Enphase v4 for Both directions.

I might have answer my own question, lets see what happens with the upcoming imports.
It seem that this is caused by Tariffs been enabled, and my Tariff wont be in effect till next week.

A “Gross” consumption and generation tariff model would cause export = generation and import = consumption.

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Thanks for your reply!

I play around with it a bit, still dont match but at least they are not equal. What am I doing wrong?
I exported 13kWh yesterday but it shows I exported 22.
Here is how I have it configured:

Bump, my data still does not match :frowning:

Anybody? :slight_smile:

The configuration looks fine.

Best to link to the specific date you are referring to.

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Here is an example where export and import does not match.

It looks like this site has a battery which currently isn’t supported in the PVOutput calculations.

This may be supported as a future enhancement if the battery information is easily accessible via Enphase API.

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Thanks for the clarification! :smiley: