Login issues - no ssl certificate

I am having an issue with logging into my account on PVoutput.org to adjust the settings, pay my subscription etc.

Sometimes it works, sometimes not and I am always entering the correct information.
I am not sure if this is linked to the fact that there is a warning to say that this site is not secure as it has no SSL certificate.

I really do think the pages should be secure now as this is becoming an almost mandatory requirement

Hi @DilleyPV. If I connect using http I am redirected to a https connection. I do not get any certificate errors etc. What version(s) web browser on what OS are you using? Have you installed any proxying software that could be interfering with the connection? Have you installed any browser add-ons or plug-ins? Additionally sometimes some antivirus products can do odd things.

Thank you Grannos, Well I have discovered the issue was nothnig to do with my computer or setup. I tried 4 different browsers and all of them reported that it was unsafe to log on to a site without an SSL certificate, which is perfectly correct.
However the https version of the logon page and site was unvailable at that time and I can only suppose therefore, that the SSL certificate had expired or that the hosting server was not issuing https pages.
As from this morning the https pages are now being served and there is no issue.
Alls well that ends well

Please post a screenshot if you encounter this again.

PVOutput has been https only for many years now and attempting to access the “http” location will redirect to the “https” location.