Logging time shifted?


At some point yesterday something strange seems to have happened with the timing of the data coming being logged from my Powerwall and associated data in the Extended part of PVoutput.

Here’s my system on the day it all went a bit wrong - https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=81368&sid=72113&dt=20191227&gs=3&m=0 .
You’ll see the data continues on the following day.

I’m using PVOutput integration on an always-on Windows PC that who’s only job is doing the PW2 data.I don’t think I’ve modified anything anywhere to break it :slight_smile: .

The non-extended data comes from the Solar Edge Inverter directly.

Any ideas?


The timestamps are taken directly from the PW gateway.

Check the timestamp from by going to -

  • https://<gateway_ip>/api/meters/aggregates

Look for last_communication_time