Load Live Outputs + calling getStatus afterwards not working

Hi there,
Working on an app to show inverter energy output and have added an integration to pvoutput. I have bulk uploaded some live data for my inverter for today (generated energy every 5minutes), and i can nicely see them in the web UI. I then try to fetch them using https://pvoutput.org/service/r2/getstatus.jsp?sid=XXXXX&key=YYYYYY&d=2023-09-10&h=1&limit=288 but I get a Bad request 400: No status found
Anyone got an idea why they don’t come back using getStatus?
Funny thing is I tested this 2 weeks ago and i could immediately after upload fetch the data back then. Something changed?

Aha, I got it - you are not supposed to use dash in the date format. Problem solved!