Live View Showing Dips that Enphase Does Not Show


I mentioned this once before but its happening again. I have 2 pictures both today 6/217/19 where at a specific time PVOUTPUT is showing no power and down to 0 recorded yet Enphase live site does not show this. So why is PVOUTPUT showing this?
Today at 2:30pm NY time you can see in the pictures. There seems to be a few of these in the PVOUTPUT period for today. I saw this over the last days too but figured I would capture todays evidence:
My site:

My PVOUTPUT for above link site Picture

My Enphase site picture


With a mini-inverter system like yours the failure of one panel should not cause the whole system output to drop to zero. Based on the number of panels you have and the output shown the reading should have been about 5350 Watts. This value looks in line with the previous and subsequent values.
Since the PVOutput API is acquiring the data from your system it appears to be receiving a value of 0 which indicates that the API may not be receiving a response within the timing constraints of the API’s call. My guess is that this could be caused by a delay or failure to respond to the API call because your system was busy dealing with the low output of the panel showing only 18 watts and failed to send a response to the query form the PVOutput API.
You can use the “liveloader” to correct the 0 value.


This is similar to previous Enlighten API issues where no data was returned during the day and corrected the next day.

Energy output did not increase from 2:25 to 2:30 as reported by Elighten API, so power is 0W.