Live view auto roll over to next day - broken


The automatic day rollover seems to be broken. It was working perfectly with saving of settings as well, so I had a great generation vs usage live graph on the wall that didn’t need touching each morning. Any chance this could be fixed so it works again? I’ve tried restarting the browser and device, no luck.


None of the recent updates should have affected the rollover functionality.

  • Is the standard 5-minute auto refreshing working still?
  • Which view are you using - all / extended etc when the rollover occurs?
  • What browser are you using and has it changed.


Hi, yes the standard 5min rollover works fine still. I’m using the same view I normally use, which is show all with only Power Used and Power Generated trends selected.
It runs on Safari on an old iPad 1st gen that has updates turned off. I’ll try with Chrome on the same device and see if that does the same.


Tried with Chrome, same issue.


The rollover works fine on Firefox for your system on 31 Aug to the next day.

Testing with Chrome for tonight but initial testing shows this will work without issue.