Is STATUS interval value in my system settings the interval my home system sends to ENPHASE aka 5 minute captures? And is the POLL interval the frequency PVOUTPUT tries to PULL data from ENPHASE noting you get all the 5 minute intervals? If not clarify. My current settings are STATUS of 5 minutes noting I am grandfathered into the 5 minute interval on Enphase data capture and storage where today PVOUTPUT retrieves and shows 5 minute intervals in each daily history. The POLL interval is 15 right now and I am thinking of changing it to 10 thinking it will just change how frequent PVOUTPUT visits the Enphase API v4 to get data for my system…is this correct?

OK I found this in your user guide. Considering my intervals into Enphase are 5 minutes as mentioned grandfathered I think my settings should both be 5 to reflect my Enphase data interval of 5 minutes for STATUS INTERVAL and the frequency of availability of PVOUTPUT to go get it still 5 for UPLOAD POLL values? Would making the POLL 10 instead of 15 be harmfull if not 5?

Status Interval - The status interval determines how often a system will report its live data. It is the time interval between each data point on the Live Page. There are three possible intervals -

  •    5 minutes (Default)*
  •    10 minutes*
  •    15 minutes*

Poll Interval - The poll interval controls how often the data is retrieved from the source. For devices that are only able to report instantaneous data, this should be set to 5-minutes or equal to / less than the Status Interval.

Status interval should always be 5-minutes.

Polling interval for Enphase is fixed from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

The data will be shown in 5-minute intervals but only update every 20 minutes.