Live output ranking


What determines the rank on the live output. I don’t understand why I appear in the top 10 when I am not producing as much.


well it looks as if your live outputs is set to a very small view of only a small part of the USA,under Tips top right of page is a funnel click on it and it will give you a filter drop down box, there are appox 33800 systems on this site enjoy, it sometimes takes a min of 3 days of outputs for the system to get up to speed,and there is lots of how to on the HELP page at the top right. Jim


Ok I think I get it. I limited it to system sizes between 3000 - 6500. I wanted to limit it to just New York using the zipcode but it isn’t possible to input a zipcode range over 1000. The system seems to be performing a lot better than the estimate they gave me. I am impressed.


hi, yes is possible to have a zip over a 1000 just use USA in the drop down filter box.
Name▼ Location▼ Size▼ Generation▼ Efficiency▼ Average▼ Outputs▼ Seen Health▼
1 Bordlemay Residence United States 17339 17.750kW 132.680MWh 3.472kWh/kW 61.625kWh 2153 days Yesterday 98%
2 Stapp Solar United States 18343 7.524kW 72.279MWh 3.362kWh/kW 25.299kWh 2857 days Yesterday 99%
3 PVPuffs United States 17579 10.920kW 60.192MWh 2.865kWh/kW 31.285kWh 1924 days Yesterday N/A
4 Lebo Residence United States 17324 4.600kW 40.961MWh 3.140kWh/kW 14.443kWh 2836 days Today 100%
5 Wolf Residence United States 17864 5.060kW 28.932MWh 3.424kWh/kW 17.325kWh 1670 days 35 months 61%
6 TSCT Solar Array United States 17602 2.960kW 28.730MWh 3.914kWh/kW 11.585kWh 2480 days Today N/A
7 Terra Rosa Mystica United States 17516 14.625kW 26.140MWh 1.655kWh/kW 24.204kWh 1080 days 3 weeks 83%
8 Upsal United States 19119 9.610kW 21.705MWh 3.259kWh/kW 31.320kWh 693 days Today 96%
9 Ziegler, John - Glen Rock, PA United States 17327 10.915kW 16.634MWh 2.454kWh/kW 26.787kWh 621 days Today 99%
10 Sparks, Ben - Danielsville, PA United States 18038 7.020kW 13.089MWh 2.834kWh/kW 19.893kWh 658 days Today 53%
11 Chase, Dolores - Lansdowne, PA United States 19050 6.720kW 10.296MWh 2.079kWh/kW 13.971kWh 737 days Yesterday 100%
12 Martinez, S - Bushkill, PA United States 18324 4.590kW 7.207MWh 1.867kWh/kW 8.570kWh 841 days Today 98%
13 Solar Reactor United States 17360 7.800kW 1.912MWh 3.103kWh/kW 24.204kWh 79 days Today N/A
14 LabRat United States 18301 0.700kW 534.355kWh 0.487kWh/kW 0.341kWh 1566 days 19 months 68%



I was actually referring to the zipcode filter. The zipcode range for NY is 10001 - 14975. WHen I input this it changes to 10001 - 11001.

I already filtered it to the USA.


ok i see what you mean but i am seeing a 10001 system
when i look down the list and see a 10001 listing as below. |113||logdin practice system| United States 10001|7.500kW|313.169kWh|6.959kWh/kW|52.195kWh|6 days|59 months||0%||
|114||LINY| United States 11741|10.360kW|229.507kWh|5.538kWh/kW|57.377kWh|4 days|61 months||0%||
|115||Racette, T - Huntington, NY| United States 11743|6.750kW|137.424kWh|0.727kWh/kW|4.908kWh|28 days|18 weeks||4%||
|116||Carfora Solar System| United States 11709|12.600kW|23.054kWh|0.610kWh/kW|7.685kWh|3 days|35 weeks||1%||
|117||Monogy Test System| United States 14586|1.000kW|2.286kWh|0.762kWh/kW|0.762kWh|3 days|22 weeks||N/A||
|118||Rosedale Solar| United States 11422|5.610kW|1.827kWh|0.109kWh/kW|0.609kWh|3 days|Today||100%||
so are you a donator to this site,if not that may be why your are not see the numbers as i am only seeing 118 systems in your area,and only 41 in your size range your system is no 41 by the way, hope this helps Jim in australia


This was due to a zipcode range restriction of 1000.

This has been updated to allow a 10,000 range when filtered by the US.



Rank is based on the currently sorted column as indicated by the black arrow.

Sorted column can be changed by clicking on the column name.