Live loader failure


As mentioned in my previous post I am having trouble with bean counter. As a workaround i can use the live loader but I am also having trouble with that. I
have been uploading my consumption figures for years with no problem see screenshot I get the 5 min figures from my emonPI. but when I try to upload the generation figures I always fail despite trying many times in the past. Can anyone guide me through this please

I think I have solved this one using the screen shot below it now seems to be uploading OK so at least I can keep the figures updated while I sort out the PVbeancounter problem


Hi, In the sample data that you are show above it includes the DATE in column 1 yet the CHECK boxes are showing that the TIME is in column 1. What if you change TIME to column 2 and POWER CONSUMED to column 3?


Remove the date from the data. Time only. The date is already in the “Output date” field.


The date and time are probably in the same column. It’s a common export format from many systems.


Many thanks for your help I have manged to solve the problem and the results I use are in the formats enclose