Live graph display has disappeared

I am having a display problem very similar to this post:

Yesterday I clicked on the small red/pink button for Extended Data and since that time I have not been able to display any live graphs. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly displays still seem to work fine.
The graph legend displays OK but there is no graph display. The data table below shows my 3 extended data values (3 * AC current values) regardless of which display I choose. The data is also updating regularly. Once I switch to Daily/Weekly/Monthly the table shows correct data for those displays.
I have tried logging out and back in without success. I have tried PVOutput on 2 different computers and on Chrome, Edge and Firefox. None of them show live graphs.
Given that it happens across different PC’s and browsers, I can only guess that it is an account or server problem.

Well a day later it seems to have resolved itself - all graphs are back and working.

And now the problem is back again. I will see if it resets tomorrow but it looks like clicking the Red/Pink button for “Show Extended Data” stops the graphs from showing. Maybe it is fixed when the day changes.

Under the Extended Parameter config, set the Voltage overlay axis to either 0 or 1.

Since assigning axis 4 when 1,2,3 are unused is causing an issue.

This issue has been fixed now without the need to update the axis configuration.