Live data always hours late

Solaredge 3800, in service little over month. I do rely on the vendor supplied wireless feed. My live readings are always 2-3 hours behind, IOW, it is currently 1120hrs PST, live page display shows most recent at 0745hrs PST. I suspect it is from not having a direct CAT5 cable connection. Sound about right?

I have a SolarEdge 7600 unit connected by wifi through the Zigbee network. Occasionally the connection fails but when re-established it is caught up. Ninety percent of the time it works 24/7 but occasionally it fails for a short time but always catches up.
I live in a ranch style home and the inverter and zigbee receiver are at opposite ends making connections iffy at times. At 110 ft and passing through four walls it is surprising that is works as well as it does.
Yes, a cable connections would be much more reliable and should eliminate your problem. If you provide a complete description of your system and how it connects to the internet someone might be able to help spot the problem.

Thanks. It is not connected to the internet except via the cellular antenna provided by the vendor. I do not get data directly, it comes as a feed from Solaredge. I believe they cause the delay. It is now 1640hr and my daily graph just caught up.

Just checked the SolarEdge 3800 manual and you can check the status of the cellular connection which show signal strength. the range if 0 to 5. you might want to check it to see what it is. A low number might be a sign that the data rates are low. You should be able to press the button until the screen appears.
Is you 3800 the older type inverter or the newer HD type?

3800 HD. I’ll look in the manual for that display. I am thinking Solaredge just does not update their site except in big infrequent blocks.