LIve consumption looks weird but cleaned up at midnight

Hi all
I’ve been having some weird stuff happening lately with my feed to ovoutput.

Everything goes nicely until my system nears max output and then starts to not reflect the correct consumption. This sometimes gets cleared up by the hourly push and always by the midnight push.

In addition to this weirdness, I had a weird problem yesterday when the consumption showed 0 for hours then shot up and mirrored the production line until almost sundown when one of the hourly pushes cleaned it up.

Any ideas what might be causing this? I did do the most recent firmware update a few weeks ago and this problem does seem worse since then.

The Fronius is pushing inverter data that doesn’t match the meter data, e.g. export reported is greater than inverter generation so consumption becomes 0W.

The hourly log push from the meter fixes this every hour.

You can try switching to “n=1” from “auto=1”.

There has been some PVOutput improvements to the “n” parameter which no longer requires inverter data to be received before meter data i.e. the delay setting is no longer required.

Thanks for the reply, appreciate your help as always! I’ll give n=1 a try.

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