List of regions


Hi and thanks in advance. I see that in some services we can use a region key, like

Where can I find a list of region keys? I’m interested in Netherlands.

Actually how could I get some history of power output in Netherlands (I don’t really mind if it’s from a few systems, an avg or anything else)? Please, I need to make some study on power output in NL along time but the getsupply service doesn’t seem to be exactly what I need.

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It’s in the “Help” link:


The Netherlands region ids can be found on the Supply/Demand page -



I’m looking for region id for Sweden: where could i find that?


Since no postcode information is saved for Swedish systems, these are not grouped into regions.


Are there any way to get total production from a country id? I found by trail and error that Sweden has id 223.


you might find Country Statistics - Top 10 under statistics at top of your live page helpful jim