Linux upload software

I’ve just registered today having found pvoutput via the Tesla energy forum. I must be missing something basic, I cannot find the package for automatic upload of data from Powerwall 2. Could somebody point me in the right direction please?

I have no windows machine, I would like to upload stats via my always on Arch Linux server (currently runs plex, nextcloud and domoticz). I’m sure I can squeeze it in there.

How often is the Tesla interrogated please?

Thanks in advance for the help.

FWIW, In Linux (actually, my QNAP NAS) I found it simpler to set up a permanently running Windows VM, and use the Windows upload software from, rather than try to set up a native Linux method.
A Docker instance would be awesome, but beyond my available time committment to set up.
This software queries the Tesla each minute, using the local LAN API, and uploads 5-minute resolution samples to PVO.
See for example

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See the excellent setup guide for powerwall below -

Powerwall discussion thread -

I read the guide, thank you. In fact I used the API commands frim my browser to check the interface was working correctly. Unfortunately, I do not use Windows and di nit have an ‘always on Windows machine’.

I am looking for a linux eeuivalent of the uploader code. As my Linux machine is a RPI3 I am reluctant to run a windows emulator or Windows in a VM on it as emulators tend to be resource hungry. I also do not have a lucense fir windows si that would be additional cost just for the upload.

The PVOutput Integration Service is Java based and runs on any platform that supports a JVM.

Thank you, I’ll get on to that asap and try to get it working on one of my Arch machines. In the meantime I decided to start collecting data from the SolarEdge inverter. Hopefully, that won’t mess anything up in my future collecting of data for my account.

Once I’ve got the data collection working from my Tesla I’ll turn off the SolarEdge collection to avoid double counting.

Check out the solution offered here, Powerwall2PVOutput. It’s written in Python and can run on any OS with python support.

I’ve been running it for about a year on a Raspberry pi3, and it works very well. Highly recommended.

Ahh, thank you @shrike I’ll give that a go first, simple version looks … simple!

UPDATE I got the Powerwall2PVoutput code from github and now have it running, thank you again.
I’m not a Python person and it failed miserably to start with, a bit of digging and I discovered that Python V3 is the default on my RPI3 system (I have V2 and V3 installed). The code works fine out of the box with V2, just a question of editing the first line to add a 2 to the python statement on the first line of the executable. **