Lifetime values in addstatus call greater than max?


I would like to pass lifetime values for v1 and v3 in the addstatus call. Adding the c1 flag means that the value of v1 is a lifetime value (in stead of today’s energy value) and according to this post the c1 value does also apply to v3.

The api docs say: Maximum energy consumption v3 value is 200,000 Wh (or 5,000,000 Wh with donation). But my current lifetime value for v3 is greater than that: 12594 kWh = 12594000 Wh. Does the maximum also apply to lifetime values for v3 and v1?

I’ve never noticed those limits in the API. Both my v1 and v3 lifetime values are higher than 5,000,000 but PVO seems to be accepting them fine. My system is quite new so it would not seem sensible to have such low limits on lifetime values.

When sending cumulative, the validation only checks after subtracting the previous value.

The first and second requests of the day -


The check is against 0Wh at 10:00 and 5Wh at 10:05.

Ah. Thanks you for clarifying.
I’m now sending v1-4 with c1=1. But now the energy and energy used values are not increasing anymore. Does that might have to do with adding v1 and v3 during the day???

If you switch to cumulative in the middle of the day the lifetime difference must be greater than the energy already posted for the day.

The first cumulative value of the day sent is reset to 0Wh.


Will remain at 100Wh until v1 > 9000100