Keep graph filtering when changing pages for daily/weekly/etc view

It would be nice if the filtering for the daily/weekly/etc charts stayed as you moved from page to page of results. By filtering, I mean turning on/off Generation/Export/Import/Consumption/etc as I move for page to page of dates. I often like to look over a longer time period to see trends, such as how my generation is trending, or jump to approximately 1 year prior to see what generation looked like then. But every time I go to the next page of results, the filtering resets to include all values again.

The filters are definitely retained between pages, do you have a screenshot or link of the page or filter you are using?

Sure. Here are two screenshots as I move from page to page on the daily view. All I did is hit the next button to get the next grouping of days

Thanks - these graph based changes are not retained between pages.

This functionality may be added as a future enhancement.

Select the ‘Generation only’ view and it will be remembered between pages.

This feature has been implemented across daily to yearly views and between pages.

Thank you!