Java service wrapper

Hi Guys

I’ve been running PVOutput for a couple lof years on an old PC and I need to change to a 64bit windows 10 PC. I’ve copled all my files across and after some messing around with permissions got it to try to initialise. But start service is failing with the log file saying"Unable to execute Java command - can’t find the file specified “java” -Xmx64m -java.library.path…etc.

I don’t remember having to mess around with java files before and I’m not computer literat to that depth, I normally use a Mac and I’m struggling a bit with Windows 10 anyway. but I downloaded the standard version and unzipped it. I can’t find where now. Can someone tell me which version I should download and where to open it so that PVOutput can find it?

Many thanks in advance.


The installation should take care of the Java path so that programs like PVOutput Integration Service can find it.

OK, thanks BB and thanks for the link, which is different from the one I had. I’ll try that link and reinstall the Java service wrapper.