Issues uploading Net Data before generation

Hi all, i’m trying to use an Arduino board for uploading Net Data (import / export) but i found some strange results during my tests. Generation is uploaded by an old Android phone reading directly from my inverter using Oxley Solar App.

During my tests i saw that consumption data before and after generation upload is not the same. What’s happening?

Here an example at 19:30 uploading a 500W import.

Before generation upload: 1 — ImgBB

After generation upload: 1 — ImgBB

If i upload generation before Net Data i found no issues at all.

P.S. Excuse me for my english :slight_smile:

It should work both ways, what are the HTTP requests being sent?

Here is my own Arduino upload project, including source code. Maybe something there can help/give you ideas.


Note that the Power at the first reading is 500W and at the second reading it is 932W. During the interval extra power has been generated so the energy will be increased incrementally by the time difference which may not show up because the time interval has not changed.

Thank you for the informations provided. After some testing i found that every value turns correct when i upload the succeeding value.