Issue with uploads


started 6/10
still doing each day no settings changed



It is not clear to me what the issue is. Without a comparison point, I and others can’t see what the issue is.

Can you explain?

That was daylight savings day for relevant states, does that affect you, have you been through daylight savings with pvoutput before?


every hour does 4 reading then none for
next 4o min . repeats this started on 6th this month


Installed 2017 been fine up till now.
daylight savings should not be issue .


also noticed from 6 no consumption recorded.
On solar web consumption gen all fine .
Reading also start 7am not 12am guess when solar starts to gen.


Sorted My donation ran out on 6th .
Paid and todays values that where missing filled in .
Question will last 10 days also updade them self.