Issue with tariff calculations


From the 6-Jun-2020, my daily credit/debit calculation have reverted to an old tariff from over a year ago.
When I look in the tariff section, the right tariff’s are being shown, but are not used in the calculation (from the 6-Jun).
I tried setting the dates the plan is active, and do a recalculation, but it does not change.
Any thoughts on what else I can review/change to get the right tariff’s for my credit/debit calculations?


The current active tariff is AGL-Solar-Savers-2020 since the date range is 10-Jan to 31-Dec.

Avoid having overlapping plan dates and disable plans that are no longer in use.


Apologies, I continued to try things to fix the problem after I posted my question. I found the “overlapping” plan and deleted all old plan dates and adjusted the preferred plans date to what you now see.
I see a user interface issue. I could not tell what year each plans date were set to as there is NO YEAR displayed. It’s as if the plan start and end dates can only be the current year. It would be great to get the YEAR of the plans start and end dates displayed so that everything can be verified. My “overlapping” plans should have had past year dates on them.


The plan date range applies to all years, which is why it is not shown.


OK, that is a subtlety I haven’t picked up previously.
Suggest you make that more clear in the documentation…

Tariff Times

Tariff times are used to determine which tariff a point in time belongs to. It allows energy imported or exported to be applied to the corresponding tariff rate.

A time range and applicable day of the week can be assigned to Peak, Shoulder and High Shoulder times. Times which do not match any of those defined are assigned to Off Peak.

The above documentation doesn’t mention about it applying to all years.
Also, when you select a date, you can select the year too, which implies it will be used.

I was using the plan dates as my documentation as to when they were in effect over the last 3 years.

Thanks for the clarification.


Ooops, I just read more of the “help”. It’s all explained further along.

Date Range

A plan with no date range is valid for any date. Plans with a date range are picked first, if no dated plans can be matched the plan with no date will be used.

Dates are inclusive from 00:00 of the start date till 23:55 of the end date.

If a date cannot be matched against any active plan date range, then the main tariff settings is used. A plan with a blank date range plan should be used to capture any dates not already covered by any other plan.

The year component is not used in the date range to allow the same range to be applied to any year. When the start date is later than the end date, then the end date will advance to the following year, e.g. the range 01-Dec to 29-Feb is valid between -

* 01-Dec-2019 to 29-Feb-2020
* 01-Dec-2020 to 28-Feb-2021
* etc