Issue selecting correct tariff plan according to dates

Seems to be a problem with the selection of Tariff plans not picking up the correct plan according to the current date.

For system 57175 (WillisAve) I changed plans back in May.
I have a plan named ‘AGL2018SolarSaverSummer’ with dates from 1-January to 4-May, and a new plan named ‘AGL2020SolarSaver 21FIT’ with dates from 5-May to 31-December.
However, for today (16 August) and past days the system is still calculating debits and credits using the old plan, not the new plan, despite the current date being in the window of the new plan. Hovering over the dollar figure shows it is still selecting the old plan.

Why is the system still trying to use the old plan, when the current date is after the start date of the new plan?

The plan AGL2018Summer is active between dates 01-Jul and 17-Dec.

This plan needs to be made inactive otherwise AGL2018SolarSaverSummer won’t be picked.

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Forgotten about that one! - thanks, have deactivated that one, and now it is selecting the correct 2020 plan.
Thanks again!

There will be a change in the future that will alert of any plan conflicts such as overlapping or gaps in the plan dates.


Tariff plan validator added -

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This is nice addition, but can we actually get the tariff plans that include and respect the years of the plan. If the system respected those plan dates, we could then be sure older tariff plans information is loaded against the specific data for the plan’s actual period.

The year component is intentionally left out, otherwise plans must be updated every year.

The current tariff plan could have no end date, or a long term end date (i.e. +10 years).
When the plan actually ends, then you would put that date in the tariff plan. And start a new plan starting from the next date.

For example, mine would be:

Plan1 18-Jan-2018 to 05-Jun-2019
Plan2 06-Jun-2019 to 06-Jan-2020
Plan3 07-Jan-2020 to [blank] or 31-Dec-2030

When I change to my next plan…

Plan3 07-Jan-2020 to 06-Jan-2022
Plan4 07-Jan-2022 to [blank] or 31-Dec-2032

Yes, there is some logic change required for looking up each days tariff.
This is more logical to me then the way it’s done now.
It also has the benefit that I can reset older dates if I want/need to for some reason.
It also documents my plan rates over time. When I look at my saved plans today, I can’t tell when they were active without referring to some other source.

My past actual Service/Credits/Debits for my records are soooo wrong for dates older than 2020 that I ignore that information. It’s just too complicated to try and fix.