Is there a way to get 5 or 15 min weather temp

Currently use open weather maps api in the system settings but that displays temp hourly. is there a 5 or 15 minute data available somehow?

Are you able to for the hourly ignore the readings inbetween so the lines on the graph go from point to point rather than the same temp for the whole hour then jump up for the next hour… make graph look like the red line not the orange?

Buy and set up your own weather station for more frequent 5 minute temp updates.


Under the Customise option, enable the “No Graph Gaps” option.

This will join the graph gaps into a continuous line.

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That didn’t help.
I’m guessing it’s giving that data every 5 minutes and it doesn’t get updated their end for 1 hour?

The setting is only effective if the actual data is missing, if the temperature feed provides data, but only changes once an hour then there isn’t much that can be done on PVOutput.

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@B-Man I personally went down the path @kemyers95963 recommended which was to install my own weather station. I live on a farm so having a weather station was a good thing for me anyway as my nearest other weather feed was nearly 50 klms away.
Regards, Macka.

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Hi @B-Man. I’m using a personal weather station too. I chose to use a model that is / was ‘internet connected’ and could autonomously upload its data to a couple of weather sites. Since then however I’ve used and some scripts that I’ve written to directly receive [ from the weather station itself ] and upload that date to PVO.

The weather station that I bought broadcasts [ on 915MHz ] what is senses every 30s or so. The data are captured on my raspberry pi. When one of my PVO scripts runs to send some extended data I upload the relative humidity and ambient temperature of the inverter plus the inverter’s internal temperature which I can access using the Fronius API.

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Yeah I realise that. After trying your setting I feel like what I suggested is the case. And then understand pvoutput can’t do anything about it.

I have too many projects on the go to add another one. I have the town weather station within 2km so figured it would be close enough.

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